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The No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Software Symposium Tour has delivered over 400 events with over 65,000 attendees. NFJS speakers are well-known developers, authors, and project leaders from the software development community. Join us for news and discussion around software development. Current topics include: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Cloud, Docker, Software Architecture, HTML 5, CSS, NoSQL, Spring, and other development technologies.


  • Seriously Good Software

    20/06/2020 Duration: 46min

    Seriously Good Software  Marco Faella & Michael Carducci This week we're joined by Macro Faella - Computer Science professor at the University of Naples in Italy and Author of Seriously Good Software.  If you want to get a copy for yourself, use promo code podnfjs19 and save 40% (this works for all products on Manning's site)  Likewise, if you want a more live, interactive learning experience, check out two big happenings: First, the No Fluff Just Stuff virtual workshop series. A great way to augment your learning in an interactive, hands-on, instructor led environment. Watch the video The Second is the announcement of UberConf-V, a virtual version of our flagship event. The offer is off the chart good, check it out! Watch the video

  • Java is not Dead

    26/02/2020 Duration: 46min

    This week we're joined by Java Champion and JetBrains Developer Advocate Trisha Gee. Trisha helps us sort through the noise and confusion around some changes we've all seen in the Java ecosystem, she highlights some exciting development on the horizon, and shares insights from her decades of experience as a hands-on Java practitioner. Don't miss this great interview! Trisha on Twitter Java annotated monthly newsletter

  • Developing an Outward Mindset

    12/02/2020 Duration: 32min

    This week we're joined by Paul Wilhelm Software Development Manager at MasterControl. We discuss leadership in Tech and how to develop an "outward mindset." This is Water The power of vulnerability The Arbinger Institute

  • Introducing Bazel

    29/01/2020 Duration: 42min

    This week is a double-header. We're joined by Benjamin Muschko and Joshua Van Allen. We get both a front-end and back-end perspective of Bazel. Ben's Report on Bazel Getting Started with Bazel (requires safari subscription) Alex Eagle @ NGConf on Bazel opt-in

  • The Art of Learning for Technology Professionals

    15/01/2020 Duration: 59min

    Dr Heinz Kabutz is gifting a course to NFJS podcast listeners. Redeem this course here. This week I'm joined by Dr. Heinz Kabutz. Heinz is the author of The Java Specialists’ Newsletter, a publication enjoyed by tens of thousands of Java experts in over 145 countries. We discuss the best strategies to grow your skillset, learn and take advantage of all learning mediums available to us. Linked Resources: Data Structures Course (Redeem before Valentines Day 2020) Mob Programming Guidebook Mob Programming Podcast Ep The Pomodoro Technique Scott Adams - How to fail at everything and still come out ahead Venkat - Lifelong Learning Podcast Ep.  

  • Developer Productivity - Tools & Metrics

    01/01/2020 Duration: 29min

    Welcome to the 2020 season of the NFJS podcast! New episodes every other Wednesday! This week we're joined with Hans Docter discussing developer productivity. Hans Dockter is the founder and project lead of the Gradle build system and the CEO of Gradle Inc., a company with the mission to transform how software is built and shipped. Hans is a thought leader in the field of project automation and has successfully been in charge of numerous large-scale enterprise builds. He is also an advocate of Domain Driven Design, having taught classes and delivered presentations on this topic together with Eric Evans. In the earlier days, Hans was also a committer for the JBoss project and founded the JBoss-IDE.

  • WebAssembly and the Future of Software

    13/11/2019 Duration: 01h17min

    WebAssembly is live, it's in your browser, and it's poised to completely transform how we build, run, and think about software. The promise of "write-once-deploy-anywhere" isn't now, but this fresh take comes with 20+ years of experience and boasts capabilities unimaginable just a few years ago. Brian Sletten gives us the lowdown of what webassembly is, why it's important, as well a just a glimpse of how it's about to change everything. To quote Brian: "Pay attention, Everything is changing!" Webassembly Shell example ( The Progressive Web Experience ( Brian's WASM training in February (

  • Developer First Leadership

    30/10/2019 Duration: 38min

    This week we're joined by Kate Wardin, founder of Developer First Leadership ( She shares some insights on how to empower technical leaders and teams. Whatever your job title, don't miss this one!

  • So you Want to be a Software Architect

    16/10/2019 Duration: 22min

    This week we benefit from hard-won wisdom coming from decades of experience as a software architect. In this episode, Ken shares the vast skillset and the diverse roles that a successful software architect most possess.   If you'd like to dive deep into all of these areas, network with experienced software architects, and invest in your knowledge portfolio, join us at ArchConf 2019, December 9-12 in Clearwater Florida. Register today at

  • Exploring Smart-Home Skills & Conversational UI

    02/10/2019 Duration: 35min

    Recorded LIVE at UberConfX. This week we're joined by Craig Walls, Spring expert extraordinaire but we'll be discussing one of his other passions - smart home skills and conversational UI. Don't miss his insights and register for the Progressive Web Experience 2019 and join Craig for a full-day, hands-on workshop building talking applications with Alexa and Google. Also check out Craig's newsletter!

  • Mini-Episode: The state of Java in 2019

    18/09/2019 Duration: 20min

    This week we catch up with Chris Judd (@javajudd) to get his analysis of the state of Java in 2019 - the new release cadence, the new licensing model, and what to expect in the future.

  • Communicating like an Architect

    04/09/2019 Duration: 54min

    Recorded live @ UberConfX this week Nate Schutta shares his wisdom on the skills necessary to be a truly great software architect.

  • The End of Agile, Leadership and Self Management

    21/08/2019 Duration: 39min

    More insights and wisdom from Johanna Rothman. Don't miss this week's episode!

  • The Future of the Web

    07/08/2019 Duration: 32min

    This week I'm joined by Mike Hartington to talk about some of the new developments from the Ionic community. Ionic support for Vue and React, Stenciljs, Capacitor as well as his thoughts on PWAs and Webassembly.

  • Tech Leadership Skills: OKRs

    31/07/2019 Duration: 46min

    This week we're joined by Chris Hansen where he shares the what/why/how of OKRs (Objective/Key Result) as well as pitfalls to avoid from hard experience. OKRs are the goal setting framework popularized by google.  Read more here:

  • Developer Productivity, Builds, and UberConf X

    17/07/2019 Duration: 34min

    Recorded LIVE from UberConfX, This week I sit with Eric Wendelin and talk about how the team at Gradle is creating a better build process--even if you're not using Gradle for your builds. If you're at UberConfX this week, drop by and say hello to the folks from Gradle who are working hard to improve developer productivity!    

  • Testing, Mobbing and a new Take on Documentation

    26/06/2019 Duration: 36min

    This week we are joined once again by Llewellyn Falco (@LlewellynFalco) to discuss lessons he's learned an epiphany he recently had around documentation.

  • The Journey to 20,000 Microservices Deployments in a year

    19/06/2019 Duration: 51min

    This week we are joined by Chris Maki to learn about his journey from monolith to 20,000 microservices deployment in a single year. Chris is the founder and Chief Architect of Rip City Software, a company dedicated to Java Microservices and building systems in AWS. He has more than 20 years of experience creating web scale enterprise systems. Throughout his career, Chris has been a user group leader, speaker, and author. He's passionate about inclusive leadership, empowering teams, focusing on differentiated work and streamlining the development, testing and deployment process. It's not too late to catch Chris and dozens of other great speakers at UberConf 2019. I hope to see you there!  Sam Newman twitter thread

  • What's New With Groovy & Grails

    05/06/2019 Duration: 26min

    This week I caught up with Søren Glasius at Gr8Conf in Denmark to get an update on what's going on in the world of groovy/grails.   Grails 4 RC2 details

  • Security, Identity, OAUTH and more

    22/05/2019 Duration: 43min

    This week I'm joined by Matt Raible and we discuss identity, security, and some best practices all developers should know. 

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