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Gay Mass is talk radio for the GLBT community and its friends and allies. The latest gay news, music, happenings, and pop culture. Call in at 214.377.0481 or call in using SKYPE name offlimitsshow.


  • Rumors

    11/12/2015 Duration: 28min

    Talking about rumors, gossip, and how to handle them, from both sides and general GLBT news.

  • It's Hard For A Bitch

    15/11/2015 Duration: 28min

    Discussing being a misunderstood bitch.

  • Gay Mass - Offlimits Show

    12/10/2015 Duration: 26min

    Various Gay Topics

  • Gay Mass

    21/09/2015 Duration: 36min

    On this episode of Offlimits, I discuss the fascinating and bullshit phenomena known as "Brojobs". Also, talking about Truvada being used as P.R.E.P. and slut shaming health plans, my love for the series Eastsiders, whether gay pride is still needed, and my pain in the back.

  • Gay Mass

    24/08/2015 Duration: 29min

    Random Topics Tonight!

  • Trust No Bitch

    18/08/2015 Duration: 39min

    Trust No One, Madonna Makes me Old, Texas says go back to San Francisco and latest in gay news

  • Goodbye My Friend: Losing a Pet

    10/08/2015 Duration: 22min

    Losing a Pet is hard, do Gays have an even harder time?

  • Caitlyn Jenner & Trainwreck

    27/07/2015 Duration: 38min

    Discussing Caitlyn Jenner's show I Am Cait, and the movie trainwreck and what to do if your life is a train wreck. (Sorry for the stuttering on this episode I'm not sure what caused it!).

  • Labels: Top/Bottom/Vers/Masculine/Femme

    21/07/2015 Duration: 25min

    Do you like labels? Do you find that being gay requires you to pick a label and live up to it? Are you a top? bottom? versatile? Masculine? Femme? Otter? Bear? Twink? Daddy? Tonight I'm discussing labels in the gay community. Also, talking about my Periscope addiction.

  • POLITICS: Atlas Belched?

    04/07/2015 Duration: 49min

    I spoke with a "Libertarian" & "Objectivist" (Basically an Ayn Rand disciple) about her philosophy on how the gay "agenda" is changing and was always only about power, not equality. That discussion morphs into a discussion on equality vs fairness and political philosophy.

  • Gay Marriage Legalized - Now What?

    29/06/2015 Duration: 44min

    Talking about the great news that Gay Marriage is LEGAL in ALL 50 STATES!!! What's next for the gay rights movement? Also, Texas and other states STILL trying to block gay marriage! Talking about the Confederate Flag controversy, and more! Call in

  • Gaydar

    20/05/2015 Duration: 50min
  • Cancer?

    13/05/2015 Duration: 37min

    Cancer...perhaps. Gay couple brutally attacked in Chelsea in NYC, Grace & Frankie, Terrance Howard's teeny pee-pee, Blood Ban Lift?, Dumb Texans and Religious Zealotry.

  • Same Sex Marriage Inevitible?

    29/04/2015 Duration: 47min

    Discussing Bruce Jenner, Supreme Court Gay Marriage Update, Gays supporting Ted Cruz?, Texas Passes discriminatory anti-gay bill, "Straight Pride" events, and more! Sorry for the low sound on my voice I accidentally had the normalizer turned off, will be fixed on the next episodes!

  • Gay & Old = Gold

    22/04/2015 Duration: 42min

    Getting older and being gay, Madonna's faux-pas, Anti-Gays "rational" reasons for their anti-gay marriage rhetoric, Laverne Cox poses nude, Tennessee wants to make the Bible the "state book", Tallywackers in Dallas is a male Hooter's, Mark Rubio doesn't believe being gay is a choice but that doesn't mean we have the right to marry one another, and Adam Lambert's new song, Ghosttown.

  • Gay Mass

    15/04/2015 Duration: 37min

    Texas LGBT hate laws, Madonna & Drake, Amy Schumer's butt, 9 LB Penis Man, Florida banning gay adoption, Reddit Dick Pics and Hillary Clinton.

  • The Bitch Is Back

    01/04/2015 Duration: 56min

    After a 2 month hiatus, Offlimits is back discussingIndiana's "Religious Freedom Law, My personal family drama and karma, Looking's Cancellation, Dolce & Gabanna, EMPIRE, The Jinx, Penis Transplants, Madonna in the flesh, Faye Dunaway tells all about Mommie Dearest, Jason Dottley's Crazy new video, and "Tidal"'s launch today and much more! You can call in at 214.377.0481

  • 2015: Show 28: Madonna? Is that You?

    30/01/2015 Duration: 32min

    Madonna fan goes wayyyyy too far to literally become Madonna. Guys, do you do your Kegel exercises? Here's why you should. I heart Ewan McGregor. Pop goes the Poppers. Fat Shaming in the gay community.

  • 2015: Show 25: To the Chapel of Hate

    27/01/2015 Duration: 01h14min

    More nonsense on Gay marriage in the deep South and more and a fun call from Tristan and Court at the end of the show!!

  • 2015: Show 23: Dissecting GLBTQIA

    25/01/2015 Duration: 21min

    Dissecting GLBTQIA identities and more.

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