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  • Will Champion interview at Emirates Stadium

    Will Champion interview at Emirates Stadium

    06/06/2012 Duration: 13min

    Geoff Lloyd chats to Will from Coldplay just before they take to the stage on the first night at Emirates Stadium, London

  • The Coldplay Podcast (02/12/2011 18:42)

    The Coldplay Podcast (02/12/2011 18:42)

    02/12/2011 Duration: 13min
  • The Coldplay Podcast (26/10/2011 15:25)

    The Coldplay Podcast (26/10/2011 15:25)

    26/10/2011 Duration: 36min
  • The Coldplay Podcast

    The Coldplay Podcast

    26/10/2011 Duration: 36min

    Listen to what happened when Coldplay's Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland came in to chat to Christian O'Connell,in full.

  • The Viva La Vida Podcast

    The Viva La Vida Podcast

    11/09/2009 Duration: 43min

    Chris and the boys talk Viva la Vida with Ben Jones

  • Coldplay in Conversation

    Coldplay in Conversation

    09/09/2009 Duration: 23min

    The boys talk touring and the recording process with Ben Jones......from the Absolute Radio archive