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  • Why am I Unhappy


    The narrative story in our mind is what produces those negative thoughts, self-judgments, and emotions. It arises from the core beliefs we acquired earlier in life, and that can be re-programmed with awareness.  The post Why am I Unhappy appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

  • #72 Conscious Dreaming


    The mind is dreaming all the time. It is dreaming when you are awake, and when you are asleep. The consciousness process involves waking up from these dreams that run through your head. Most often they appear as narrative stories. What will change your life is when you take charge of the dreams in your mind during the day instead of allowing them to dream you. The post #72 Conscious Dreaming appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

  • #71 The Dream of Maya


    I've been doing a digital detox. I gave up news and social media for lent. I wanted to pull my attention out of the habitual cycle of opinions, fears, needing to be informed, emotions, and addictive social media scrolls. I wanted to clean up and clear space in my mind.  In the process, I had this dream last week. It represents part of the Deam of Maya, or illusions we live in. If you want to be happy and fulfilled, you will need to move your attention out of such stories. The post #71 The Dream of Maya appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

  • #70 Mastering the Mental Game


    Pauline Victoria was born without arms or legs, Despite this physical challenge, she has done what many would think impossible. I wanted to know how she did things like drive, swim, and scuba dive. She said it was how she played the mental game to overcome her physical challenges. In this interview, I got to explore how Pauline masters her mental game. The mental game includes desire, faith, presence, surrender, and calming your nervous system with control over your attention. The post #70 Mastering the Mental Game appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

  • #69 Self Awareness – Why do people believe crazy lies, conspiracy theories, and illusions?


    Figuring out the truth isn't straightforward.  Consider this; the mind is the mechanism that we use to discern the truth. However, this is the same mind that generates stories, false narratives, daydreams, and fictional realities in our heads.  These two uses of the mind are contradictory. It's no wonder people are having difficulty seeing the difference between truth and a made-up story.  The post #69 Self Awareness – Why do people believe crazy lies, conspiracy theories, and illusions? appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

  • #68 Voices in your Head


    The voices in your head are normal. They are the patterns of thoughts arising from unconscious beliefs. They can be funny, frightening, random or chaotic, and possibly cause deep suffering. The post #68 Voices in your Head first appeared on Pathway to Happiness. The post #68 Voices in your Head appeared first on Pathway to Happiness.

  • #67 Consciousness and moving Beyond the Mind


    Eva Beronius and Gary van Warmerdam explore moving from identifying with the mind to realizing our Self as Consciousness.

  • #66 Trauma symptoms and treatments


    Trauma is often the cause of anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger, harsh self judgment, suicidal thoughts, and other mood disorders. It is much more common than you think. You don't just get PTSD from wartime combat. Your brain and nervous system can be altered from sexual assault, abuse, bullying, emotionally abusive parents, even if they never hit you, surgery, or a car accident.

  • #65 Beliefs I’m Broken and Unlovable that Produce Shame


    To change a belief sometimes it helps to understand where and how it came to be. When you understand why and how you started to believe your thoughts about being wrong, bad, unlovable, or broken, you have new perspective on those ideas. You can understand their time and place from who you are today, instead of who you were when those beliefs may have helped. You can also see why it is not true today, or not true before that moment you began believing in your false ego identity as who you were.

  • #63 Overcoming Trauma and Living Happy


    My interview with Anna and her journey out of trauma reactions using the skills and perspectives she learned in the Self Mastery practices. Combining them with EMDR treatments and other modalities to go from anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts, to Living Happy.

  • #62 Overwhelmed with Emotions – Why am I so Angry?


    Where do you start making changes when you are overwhelmed with emotions? Understanding the deep sources of emotions help us move into compassion, and decrease the impact of the Inner Judge. Beginning steps include acknowledging where you are, accepting it, and then finding one small change to get you started.

  • #61-Fear Virus – Live Self Mastery Get Together


    There is a fear virus going through people's minds and emotions at the same time there is a biological Corona virus infecting people's physical bodies. The spread of fear is a lot faster and more widespread. There are things you can do to protect yourself, and improve your emotional state.

  • #60 Emotional Wounds and Relationship Baggage


    Emotional wounds show up as our "baggage" in relationships. They are our unhealed emotions and beliefs from past experiences. Physical wounds can be seen but emotional wounds are experienced as emotional reactions, negative thoughts, and sabotaging behaviors. They can't be healed by our rational mind telling us how "we should have gotten over this by now", or that we are "over-reacting". These judgmental thoughts only add a painful layer of rejection and keep the underlying emotion unhealed. You will often find your negative core beliefs connected to your emotional wounds.

  • #59 Self Mastery Interview with Eva


    Interview with Eva, a Self Mastery Course subscriber who worked her way out of panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and career burnout to build a completely different life. Letting go of fears and eventually feeling joy and love was a surprise change, until it became the new normal.

  • #58: How to Relax


    This podcast will guide you through a breathing practice using specific techniques to relax your nervous system and brain. There are reasons that breathing techniques can help you relax. Breathing. When done properly it bypasses your intellect and directs your nervous system to switch off the tension and hyper-vigilance. This is something that you can’t do by thinking better thoughts or trying to be positive.

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