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Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring your favorite authors guiding you through mediations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each week we bring you a new mediation with a featured author taking you on a meditational journey ranging from numerous topics on health, healing, overcoming fears and blocks and much more. Please visit hayhouse.com or facebook.com/HayHouseDailyMeditations to learn more.


  • James Van Praagh - Your Souls Sanctuary

    James Van Praagh - Your Soul's Sanctuary

    02/02/2020 Duration: 07min

     In this enlightening meditation, learn to create a sanctuary for your soul to experience peace, happiness and love. Remember some of your happiest memories to help decorate your inner meditation space and find the grace and warmth in significant life events. Reflect on your soul's lessons and find peace on your spiritual journey.

  • Denise Linn - Who You Are is Enough

    Denise Linn - Who You Are is Enough

    26/01/2020 Duration: 08min

    Surrender to spirit within in this guided meditation by Denise Linn. Slip into bliss as you repeat the loving affirmations that will inspire and encourage you to relax and realize you are enough, you are remarkable and you are valued. Walk along this comforting pathway and begin your day in complete confidence and restored faith in your daily living.

  • Denise Linn - Deep Breathing Calm Meditation

    Denise Linn - Deep Breathing Calm Meditation

    19/01/2020 Duration: 15min

    This fast-paced, yet relaxing guided meditation is perfect for anyone with an active mind. You’ll be moved rapidly from quick thoughts to deep breathing calm with the help of Denise Linn. Clear the bustle in your mind and settle in to this healing meditation to release all worries, concerns and fears. Move negative energy out and invite positive energy in with the motion of each breath. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

  • Bernie Siegel - Meditation for Peace of Mind

    Bernie Siegel - Meditation for Peace of Mind

    12/01/2020 Duration: 31min

    Give yourself this gift of restoring your love, joy, hope and optimism that is innate within you. Take some time for yourself for healing and listen to this guided meditation by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Ask for support and receive it while you become calmer and more at peace. Relax and let go of all of your tension and worries. Simply follow the healing voice of Dr. Siegel as you let the burdens of life roll off your shoulders. Love moves through your body, leaving behind resentment, hatred and disappointment. Peace fills your life and your body, offering a deeply relaxing state of being. This beautiful mediation is perfect if you are facing a health challenge or a stressful time in your life. Dr. Siegel’s wise words, the soothing music and this rewarding journey will open every cell in your body and fill them with love, joy, hope and optimism.

  • Colette Baron-Reid - Chakra III Meditation

    Colette Baron-Reid - Chakra III Meditation

    05/01/2020 Duration: 05min

    In this next meditation, Colette Baron-Reid helps you embrace the third chakra of your journey. You’ll experience colors of lemon yellow at the center of your being. Soothing sounds allow you to relax and hone in on this energy center. Absorb your inner power and individuality through each deep breath.

  • You Can Heal Your Life® Podcast Trailer

    You Can Heal Your Life® Podcast Trailer

    01/01/2020 Duration: 02min

    In today’s fast-paced, on-demand world—it can be hard to reserve time for reflection and growth...For asking those important questions about spirituality, health and wellness, self-empowerment, and all the other topics that affect how we experience our world. That’s why we created the “You Can Heal Your Life”podcast.Featuring world-renowned experts who are on the cutting-edge of new ideas and dynamic concepts—we’re working to give you an empowered perspective on your past, present, and future life. Elevate your morning coffee, afternoon walk, or evening commute into an inspirational, motivational, and transformational personal growth experience—with life-changing insights and real-world solutions.

  • Joan Borysenko - Cultivating Compassion - Meditations for Courage and Compassion

    Joan Borysenko - Cultivating Compassion - Meditations for Courage and Compassion

    29/12/2019 Duration: 20min

    Take the time to honor yourself by putting forth your energy in this free guided meditation by Joan Borysenko. Together, you can decrease stress by cultivating positive energy and increase happiness by heightening your courage and compassion. Calm your mind and you let go of the chaos of the day and allow for the present moment to transcend the spirit into the natural state of relaxation of your body. Enjoy letting go as you travel deeper into your subconscious in order to welcome ease and love into your heart. Nurture yourself and who you really are in order to cultivate courage and strength, building your confidence, and opening yourself up to compassion for yourself and for others. 

  • Denise Linn - Cellular Healing

    Denise Linn - Cellular Healing

    22/12/2019 Duration: 10min

    Spend this time meditating with Denise Linn for a free guided meditation in cellular healing. Find relaxation as your body breaths to let go of all the tension and stress of daily life and open your spirit to peace and love. You will take this time to heal yourself from the inside, out, by healing the cells within your body. Envision yourself as a tiny being, traveling inside your body, from your mouth to your digestive tract, as you continue to shrink into your blood vessels and you work to repair your DNA. Fill your body with light and allow your vessels to heal as you begin to grow and all things are transformed, healed and repaired for your greatest good. Envision your future in perfect health and feel the reality of this. As you feel it, so it shall be.

  • davidji - Burning Brightly

    davidji - Burning Brightly

    08/12/2019 Duration: 06min

    Invigorate your spirit as you are guided through davidji’s free meditation to strengthen the chakra. The fire element generates our energy and intensity. Agne – our digestive fire that nourishes our present moments is called upon to feed our spiritual desires. This energized motivational mantra will directly awaken the spirit and encourage cellular movement, motivating the inner fires to react and answer to your calls. 

  • Denise Linn - Connecting to Spirit

    Denise Linn - Connecting to Spirit

    03/11/2019 Duration: 10min

    As the storm on the horizon cleanses the air, open yourself to spirit as Denise Linn guides your awareness of your own body in this free meditation provided by Hay House. Allowing you to relax and open up to spirit, exhale all tension and surrender to the peace that exists within and all around you. Open your heart to receive the guidance and love. Know that all is well and everything is supporting your life and your ambitions. 

  • Sylvia Browne - Temple of Voices

    Sylvia Browne - Temple of Voices

    06/10/2019 Duration: 03min

    Hay House introduces Sylvia Browne in her free guided meditation. Envision yourself in a golden temple radiating light from all around.  Harmonious voices radiate through its halls with symphonic sounds of all types. Existing as tones that have yet to be discovered through human life. All sounds exist together as one, yet radiate in magnificence and perfect harmony. The melodious sounds are mesmerizing; as if angels are singing, thus making your own soul sing. Rejuvenate, refresh, and return to yourself with a renewed motivation and sense of being. 

  • davidji - Thanksgiving Meditation

    davidji - Thanksgiving Meditation

    29/09/2019 Duration: 16min

    Feel yourself slow down and settle in while you prepare for this timely gratitude meditation by davidji. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and take a long breath in. Start the flow of thankful energy, feel the universe flow right through you. Feel your heart fill with unconditional love, and as you release it, feel it wash over all your family; who has stood by you, protected you, and that you have bonded with. Allow the sound of waves to wash you into a state of overflowing gratitude.

  • Denise Linn - Serene Inner Peace

    Denise Linn - Serene Inner Peace

    08/09/2019 Duration: 10min

    Exercise and access your sense of inner peace with Denise Linn in this free guided meditation provided by Hay House. Be receptive to your state of being and experience awareness of your present existence. Sense your surroundings and be present in the here and now as you welcome the pure love that exists through our source and feeds our spirit. Visit an enchanted foggy lake as the soothing lapping of water on the grassy shore leads you to a small rowboat that has been waiting for you. Settle in as it drifts along the water and allows you the moment to let go of all concerns and takes you on a journey to absorb energy and love in a sanctuary. You are at peace. 

  • Judith Orloff - Angel Protection

    Judith Orloff - Angel Protection

    01/09/2019 Duration: 09min

    Allow Judith Orloff to help you contact your angels for protection in this free guided meditation provided by Hay House. Enchanted, loving forces in the Universe are available to us for aid if we are willing to open ourselves to them. Find center and a state of calm as you access your intuitive chakra. Surrender yourself to the relaxed state and awaken your third eye so that you can be aware of the angels who are greeting you. Angels are attracted to your purity of being. Your intuition will guide you through this interaction and offer up subtle insights to aid you in your endeavors. 

  • Sylvia Browne - Hall of Healing

    Sylvia Browne - Hall of Healing

    25/08/2019 Duration: 03min

    Sylvia Browne takes you through this free guided meditation through the Hall of Healing to support your endeavors in revitalizing your body and aiding in your attempts to heal with medical care and guidance from your physician. As you enter into the healing space, a healing green light fills the space.   Present among spiritual symbols are healing objects that take away depression and chronic illness; relieving pain for pleasure, serenity and light. Visualization will allow you to the present in these healing lights so that they may remove any negativity and pain from your being. Returning yourself to your body refreshed, invigorated, healed. 

  • davidji - Stepping Into Clarity Meditation

    davidji - Stepping Into Clarity Meditation

    14/07/2019 Duration: 08min

    Let the beating of the drum open the doorway to clarity with this free guided meditation with davidji. The choices you make, the fork in the road, the first step, the habit, the addiction, the stance you take, all point to that place inside that the ego forgets to remember. Let the air flow freely as the thoughts drift away.  Bongo beats and soothing sounds offer an invitation from the universe to return to that quiet place within, to the wisdom of creation, so you can see clearly and without the mind. Ruminate softly on the questions posed, keeping the mind out of it, and going deeper into the intuition of your soul.  You know what you need. You already know what steps to take. Let the answers cross your heart and fortify your resolve.  This one step becomes the fabric of your life. Plant your intentions in the fertile soil of your heart and your soul, and begin to live as you were destined. This is an excellent meditation to use when you feel you are at a crossroads, facing a life-changing decision, to clea

  • Mike Dow- Thought Stream Meditation

    Mike Dow- Thought Stream Meditation

    01/07/2019 Duration: 12min

    Mike Dow’s 12 minute thought stream meditation is directed towards navigating through the chaos of life and our surroundings in order to find peace within ourselves.  Cultivating the inner posture to reflect on life and its wonders. Embracing the now, in all its beauty and taking the time to find peace within yourself. Opening up to embracing the flow of life. This verbal meditation guides thoughts toward the focus of the reality that exists beyond perception in order to sense the truest part of our being.  Free yourself of negativity and strenuous thoughts that weaken the body and the mind.  Find peace in the moment that exists in the now.

  • Denise Linn - Exuberant Self-Esteem Meditation

    Denise Linn - Exuberant Self-Esteem Meditation

    23/06/2019 Duration: 10min

    Go on a delightful and exhilarating journey with Denise Linn in a free guided meditation that brings strength and self-confidence. Let the wonderful warm waves of relaxation wash over you as you breathe deeply and visualize yourself doing something that stirs passions from deep within. The sense of power surging through you will remind you of how much good is within you and the difference you make in the world. Feel the boost of self-confidence in Denise’s words as you repeat them to yourself as if they were spiritual seeds planted in the fertile soil of your soul. By using this guided meditation regularly, each and every day, you’ll become more self-confident, empowered and aligned with your spiritual essence. You are a wondrous and remarkable being and just by being alive, you contribute to the goodness of the world!

  • Colette Baron-Reid - Sanctuary Chakra Meditation

    Colette Baron-Reid - Sanctuary Chakra Meditation

    16/06/2019 Duration: 06min

      Walk along a white sandy beach beside an enchanted ocean. Let all of your worries dissipate as you sink into the soothing voice of Colette Baron-Reid. As you walk along the sandy shore with bare feet sinking softly in the sand, reconnect with the power of the earth. Feel the warmth of the sun’s rays as it blankets your skin. This gentle guided meditation will return to you feelings of deep peace and relaxation. When you open your eyes, you’ll feel a sense of renewal that will carry you through the day.

  • Diana Cooper and Tim Whild - Accelerate Your Journey to the Light Meditation

    Diana Cooper and Tim Whild - Accelerate Your Journey to the Light Meditation

    09/06/2019 Duration: 23min

      In this calming meditation featuring Diana Cooper and Tim Whild, you’ll be guided through all 12 chakras to accelerate your journey to the pure white light of your soul. As you travel through each of the 12 chakras, you’ll be calling upon the archangels for specific healing and empowering ascension for health, peace, abundance and spiritual wisdom.  As each chakra is touched, a warm sensation runs through that part of your body and creates a path to your highest spiritual connection.  You’ll open the gateway to universal nomadic wisdom that is always available to you and access the secrets of deep peace and eternal life. This comprehensive chakra meditation will leave you feeling rejuvenated and reconnected to the inner wisdom of your soul.  This is a great way to restore balance in the body and calm your mind.

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