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The Art of Charm is where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from the companys coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of Johnny and AJ, the companys founders.Johnny and AJ bring their 11 years of coaching experience from their famous Bootcamps, where they host clients in Los Angeles from all over the world and they share their stories, best practices and themselves on this weekly podcast.Not only does The Art of Charm help everyday people, including active members of the military, learn how to become higher performers, better spouses, partners, and coworkers, they dig deep into human behavior, the science behind it, and demystify what we do and why we do it.


  • 3 Ways to Effortlessly Push Through to Reach Your Goals | Steve Magness

    15/08/2022 Duration: 01h06min

    In today’s episode, we cover peak performance with Steve Magness. Steve was two seconds away from breaking the 4 minute mile, he is a world-renowned expert on performance, coauthor of Peak Performance, and the author of the new book Do Hard Things: Why We Get Resilience Wrong.Performing at your best will attract countless opportunities in all areas of your life, but expectations and poor goal setting will hold you back, so what can you do to set the correct goals and expectations for yourself and how do you build the resilience necessary to achieve your potential? What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00How do expectations alter the way we live our lives without us being consciously aware of it?What does toughness mean today? – 19:36 What is the difference between safety and security and how has the confusion between the two led to weaker humans?Transition from discomfort to action – 33:01How do you take the discomfort you feel in a situation and convert it into meaningful action and goal setting?Goal setting an

  • 5 Essential Skills to Grow your Emotional Intelligence | Dr. Karyn Gordon

    08/08/2022 Duration: 01h10min

    In today’s episode, we cover leadership with Dr. Karyn Gordon. Dr. Karyn Gordon is the CEO and co-founder of DK Leadership, a TED Talk speaker, and the Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance, and Engagement. Leadership skills are great for anyone to have, but they are crucial if you want to get ahead professionally, so what are the signs you need to work on your leadership skills, what can you do to work on them, and what’s the best way to ask for feedback so you know you’re improving? What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What are the five components of emotional intelligence?Signs your leadership skills are lacking – 18:11 What are some signs you need to work on your leadership skills before you shoot for a leadership position?What exercise can you do with your team at work to identify weak spots in your leadership skills?The best way to ask for feedback – 24:45What can you do to ask your manager or supervisor for feedback that shows you

  • 551: Paul Bloom | Rational Compassion

    04/08/2022 Duration: 39min

    Paul Bloom (@paulbloomatyale) is a developmental psychologist and author of the upcoming Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion. He joins us to talk about the evolution of our innate (but limited) morality and what we as modern, rational humans can do to overcome this programming. The Cheat Sheet: Do we learn good and evil as we grow up, or are they hard-wired into us by evolution? Are we all just closet racists (with some of us just more closeted than others)? How can we scientifically test biases in babies who seemingly only express themselves by cooing and pooping? Good news: innate moral sense exists. Bad news: innate moral sense exists, but is limited. The goal of a modern culture is to make it a bit less limited. What can we do to change the us vs. them monologue with which we're born? And so much more... Does your business have an Internet presence? Now save a whopping 50% on new webhosting packages here with HostGator by using coupon code CHARM! DesignCrowd helps startups and small busine

  • 329: Scott Barry Kaufman | Mating Intelligence Unleashed

    04/08/2022 Duration: 41min

    It only takes one. "Assertiveness and kindness is the combination most attractive to women." -Scott Kaufman The Cheat Sheet: Dopamine is the pleasure molecule: true or false? (7:25) Scott defines a true alpha male. (18:40) The Dark Triad revealed: is it as ominous as it sounds? (19:10) What is positive psychology really about? (31:00) Why chat-up lines don't work. (39:50) Mate copying: what does the term mean? (43:10) And so much more... If you've listened to the show before, you know we don't buy into the whole "alpha or beta male" mindset that is so prevalent in society right now. At the Art of Charm we stand on the belief that men are far more than just "alpha tough guys" or "beta door mats". And today Scott Kaufman, Scientific Director at the Imagination Institute and author of Mating Intelligence Unleashed, shares the science behind that belief. On this episode, we talk about why the "alpha-beta" thing is far too simplistic, what the dark triad/bad boy

  • 5 Ways To Use Your Emotions For Creative Success | Susan Cain

    01/08/2022 Duration: 01h05min

    In today’s episode, we cover the value of sorrow and longing with Susan Cain. Susan is the author of the Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, and her newest book Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole is focused on sorrow and longing as inspiration to experience sublime emotions opposed to the constant positivity expected by society. Modern society reinforces the idea that we should strive to be positive in everything we do, but is positivity always better for you, why do we then seek forms of entertainment that evoke feelings like sadness, and how should we treat these emotions that society tells us we need to dismiss or get over?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00Is there a link between creativity and melancholy?What is the difference between melancholy and depression and why does one support creativity while the other suppresses it?Why are we drawn to entertainment that evokes sadness – 15:21 What is it about sadness and beauty that we are drawn to?Why is it impor

  • How To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence w/ Dr. Aprilla West

    25/07/2022 Duration: 55min

    In today’s episode, we cover emotion efficacy with Dr. Aprilia West. Dr. West is a psychologist and executive and team leadership coach who works extensively with artists, creatives, and entertainment execs to increase their emotional intelligence, psychological flexibility, and resilience.Emotions influence our thoughts and actions everyday, so what can you do to understand them, understand where they come from, and understand how to manage them so they don’t lead you to make harmful decisions?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What is emotion efficacy?What is the emotional default world and how does it shape your behavior?The importance of emotion efficacy – 13:33 What is the difference between feelings and emotions?The signs of low emotion efficacy – 27:00How do you know if you have low emotion efficacy?What questions can you ask yourself to understand where you have room to grow emotionally?Five Steps to Increase Emotion Efficacy – 35:10What can you do to increase your emotion efficacy?What does it look

  • How to Quickly Identify and Disarm Narcissists | Lily Walford

    18/07/2022 Duration: 56min

    In today’s episode, we cover narcissism with Lily Walford. Lily is an international dating coach and the survivor of a toxic narcissistic relationship.Narcissists are all around us and can cause untold harm to our mental wellbeing, so what can you do to identify and disarm narcissists, how can you tell if you’re in a relationship with one, and what should you look for to avoid getting into a relationship with one?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What does narcissism look like?How to identify narcissists – 15:30 What signs can you look for if you think you’re dating a narcissist?How do you know if someone is a narcissist?Self-care after a relationship with a narcissist – 24:05What can you do to take care of yourself after a toxic relationship with a narcissist?Disarming Narcissists – 31:15What can you to disarm a narcissist?How will a narcissist stop you from disarming him or her?Dating after a narcissist – 41:07What 4 elements should you look for in a healthy relationship?What can you do to reinvigorate a

  • How To Use Competition to Propel You to Success | Ashley Merryman

    11/07/2022 Duration: 01h16min

    In today’s episode, we cover the science of competition with Ashley Merryman. Ashley is the Non-Resident Senior Fellow for the Joint Special Operations University and author of Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing.Competition can be healthy and unhealthy, so how do you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy competition, what are the differences between how introverts and extroverts handle competition, and how does gender play a role in competition?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What are the biggest myths surrounding competition and trying to be number one?What are the benefits of competition?Healthy vs Unhealthy Competition – 9:00 What is the difference between healthy competition and unhealthy competition?Where does the fear of failure come from?Overcome Fear of Failure – 15:30What is the difference between a challenge and a threat and how can one lead you to failure while the other leads to success?What can you do to overcome the fear of failure when you know people are watching you?D

  • How to Build a Recession-Proof Network | Toolbox

    04/07/2022 Duration: 53min

    In today’s episode, we cover networking to survive the recession with AJ and Johnny. People rely on those they trust in times of economic hardship, so what can you do to grow your network before the next economic downturn and what value can you offer to strengthen your existing network so you’re in a better position when the next recession hits?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00Why is networking so important when you’re starting in a new field or trying to move up in your current field?Why is a strong network important to have before a recession begins?What everyone gets wrong about networking – 13:03 How do you network effectively so you’re not shooting yourself in the foot at every networking event?What is social capital and why do you need to understand it to network effectively?What three ways can you provide value to anyone in your network?The 4 levels of support value you can offer to anyone – 23:20What can you do to stand out from the crowd when congratulating or supporting someone in your network? 

  • How To Win With Risk | Angie Morgan

    27/06/2022 Duration: 52min

    In today’s episode, we cover  with Angie Morgan. Angie is the co-author of Bet on You: How to Win with Risk, a book about discovering the formula for success and decision-making confidence to transform even the most risk-averse mindset.We have to take risks in order to become great at anything, but what do you do if that risk stops you dead in your tracks, who should you seek out for advice, and how can you manage risk so you can accomplish your dreams?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00How do you break something down that appears to be a large risk?Who are the three types of people you should look out for when getting advice on a big risk you want to take, and who should you avoid?How to Find High Value Communities – 13:05 Where can you go to find high value communities that will support you and help you on your journey to achieve your dreams?How to Grow Your Confidence – 20:20What are the three components of confidence you need to focus on in order to become more confident?How to Mitigate Big Risk – 39:30

  • How To Build Rapport Quickly With Anyone | Toolbox

    20/06/2022 Duration: 51min

    In today’s episode, we cover building high value relationships with AJ & Johnny. Building high value relationships requires vulnerability, but what does it mean to be vulnerable, how do you know when to be vulnerable, and what are some simple strategies you can use to be more effective in relationship building?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00Why is it important to build high value relationships?How do you start making new friends?Turn Small Talk into Smart Talk – 12:00 Why is vulnerability important when building connections with people?How do you bring vulnerability into your social interactions?The Three Levels of Vulnerability – 17:00What is the first level of vulnerability and how do you know when to use it?How do you know when to go to the deepest level of vulnerability?What red flags should you look for in the way people react to your vulnerability?The Cave Analogy of Vulnerability – 37:50Why is it important to lead with vulnerability before expecting others to be vulnerable?We hope that you wa

  • How To Build Trust with Anyone Using Social Engineering | Christopher Hadnagy

    13/06/2022 Duration: 01h05min

    In today’s episode, we cover social engineering with Christopher Hadnagy. Chris is an IT entrepreneur, IT security consultant, and the best-selling author of five books including his latest Human Hacking: Win Friends, Influence People, and Leave Them Better Off for Having Met You.Social engineering is an effective tool to get what you want, but what is social engineering, how can you use it to instantly build rapport with complete strangers, and what should you look for if you think someone is using it against you? What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What is social engineering and how do people use it every day?How to Build Rapport  – 10:10 Why is it important to learn how to build rapport and how do you go about learning it?The Four Questions of Trustworthiness – 25:18What are the four questions we ask ourselves to determine whether or not we can trust someone?How can you build rapport instantly with someone you’ve just met? When is flattery NOT ok? – 41:30When should you avoid complimenting someone?What’s

  • How To Set Up Your Environment For Your Success | Dr. Emily Sandoz

    06/06/2022 Duration: 59min

    In today’s episode, we cover contextual behaviorism with Dr. Emily Sandoz. Emily is a professor of social sciences in the psychology department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the director of the Louisiana Contextual Science Research Group, as well as the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Sciences, and has co-authored three books on acceptance and commitment therapy.Changing or eliminating problematic behavior is not as simple as flipping a switch, but what role does your environment play, how can you identify contextual problems in your daily life that are affecting your behavior, and what is the best way to learn new behaviors?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What is contextual behaviorism and how does the environment influence your ability to change your behavior?Using  – 11:50 How can you use contextual behaviorism to change your problematic behavior?What does it mean to have access to certain behaviors and how do you what behaviors you do have access to?Learning new

  • How to Attract High Value People & Opportunities | Toolbox

    30/05/2022 Duration: 54min

    In today’s episode, we cover high value behaviors with AJ and Johnny. Being a high value person opens doors to opportunities you never thought possible, so what does it mean to be high value, what high value behaviors should you look for in yourself and others, and what simple steps can you take to filter high value people into your life?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00Why are high value behaviors important if you want to have a healthy social circle and fulfilling life?What does it mean to be high value – 16:10 What is the difference between high and low value behaviors and why should you avoid low value behaviors if you don’t want to be miserable?How do you deal with friends who want to hold you back when you’re trying to grow and be a better person?How to Build a High Value Social Circle – 28:00What steps can you take to build and maintain a social circle of high value individuals who will support you and be there for you when you need them?Examples of High Value Behavior – 37:50How can you identify h

  • How to Win Your Breakup | Natasha Adamo

    23/05/2022 Duration: 55min

    In today’s episode, we cover winning your breakup with Natasha Adamo. Natasha is a high-performance coach, relationship coach, speaker, blogger with over two and a half million readers, and the author of Win Your Breakup: How to Be The One That Got Away.Breakups can be painful and get drawn out, so what can you do win your breakup, what does it mean to win, and how can you avoid falling into another toxic relationship?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What are the signs of toxic relationships?How do you win your breakup?Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle – 19:48 How do you break the cycle of jumping from one toxic relationship to another?What signs should you look for in a potential partner?Stay on your white horse after a breakup – 27:20What steps should you take after a breakup to speed up the recovery process?What should you avoid doing after a breakup if you want to move on?Emotional Entrepreneurship – 45:36What is an emotional entrepreneur and why are people drawn to emotional entrepreneurs?Winning

  • 5 Steps To Boost Your Mental Health | Lori Gottlieb

    16/05/2022 Duration: 59min

    In today’s episode, we cover mental health with Lori Gottlieb. Lori is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, co-host of the podcast Dear Therapists, and the author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.Mental health is a priority now more than ever, so what are the overlooked signs that someone is struggling with mental health, how do you know if you should talk to a professional, and why is boundary setting crucial to positive mental health?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What are the overlooked signs that someone is struggling with mental health issues?What is the value in seeing a therapist versus talking to your friends and family about issues you’re experiencing in life?The self-sabotaging stories we tell ourselves – 11:12 Why do we tell ourselves stories about what happens to us and how do those stories have lasting negative impacts on us and the people around us?What impact do the people around us have on our mental health and what can you do if your friends aren’t healthy for you?Setting and maintainin

  • How to Influence and Persuade People | Zoe Chance

    09/05/2022 Duration: 57min

    In today’s episode, we cover influence with Zoe Chance. Zoe is a teacher, writer, researcher, climate philanthropist, earned her doctorate from Harvard, teaches Mastering Influence and Persuasion, the most popular class at the Yale School of Management, and is the author of Influence is Your Superpower: The Science of Winning Hearts, Sparking Change, and Making Good Things Happen.Influencing the people around you is a superpower, but how do you develop that ability through your charisma, what common mistakes are you making that kill your charisma, and what is the most important skill you need to influence people?  What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00Why is your ability to influence others a superpower?What are the three paradoxes of charisma?Anti-charismatic statements – 15:15 What are diminishing statements, why do so many of us use them, and how do they kill your charisma?Charming vs Manipulating – 23:14 How can you tell the difference between people using strategies and tactics to build genuine connection

  • How to Achieve Metabolic Health | Dr. Philip Ovadia

    02/05/2022 Duration: 58min

    In today’s episode, we cover metabolic health with Dr Philip Ovadia. Dr. Ovadia is a board certified Cardiac Surgeon, founder of Ovadia Heart Health, and the author of Stay Off My Operating Table: A Heart Surgeon’s Metabolic Health Guide to Lose Weight, Prevent Disease, and Feel Your Best Every Day. What you put into your body has a direct impact on your metabolic health, but what is metabolic health, why is it important, and what can you do to support a strong metabolic health so you don’t end up on the operating table or in an early grave? What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What is metabolic health and how does it impact the other areas of your life including mental health?The big medical myths – 13:17 What is the biggest medical myth that is making us more unhealthy every year?Should we be consuming supplements?How did unhealthy food become so normalized that we serve it in hospitals where we’re supposed to go to get better?The 5 metrics of Metabolic Health – 26:09 What metrics should you and your doctor

  • How To Read Body Language | Abbie Maroño

    25/04/2022 Duration: 55min

    In today’s episode, we cover trust and cooperation with Abbie Maroño. Abbie is the Director of Education at Social-Engineer, is a lecturer in Psychology, has a PhD in Behavior Analysis, was mentored by the body language expert Joe Navarro, and performs academic research specializing in nonverbal communication, trust, and cooperation.Trust is important because our survival depends on our ability to cooperate with the people around us, so why do we place a strong emphasis on competition, what signals should we look for to determine someone’s trustworthiness, and how do we build trust in the first place?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What is the definition of trust according to modern science?How fast can trust be built and destroyed?The big myth about competition and survival of the fittest – 10:10 What do we get wrong about competition vs cooperation in modern society, and why does this misconception lead to unhappiness and discontent in the workplace?What nonverbal signals should you look for to determi

  • The Best Negotiation Tactics (Yale Professor) | Barry Nalebuff | Art of Charm

    18/04/2022 Duration: 46min

    In today’s episode, we cover negotiation with Barry Nalebuff. Barry is a Professor at Yale where he has taught negotiation, innovation, strategy, and game theory for thirty years, and recently authored Split the Pie: A Radical New Way to Negotiate, which is based on his negotiation course.Negotiating can be intimidating if you don’t do it on a regular basis, so what simple tips can you remember to make your next negotiation a win, how do you negotiate with people who are clearly more experienced than you, and what is the best question to ask when negotiating your salary?What to Listen ForIntroduction – 0:00What’s the difference between Split the Pie and Never Split the Difference?How to negotiate with unfair people – 10:55 What can you do to negotiate with people who don’t care about fairness?How can you “be ready to walk away” from a once-in-a-lifetime deal?Dealing with people who don’t see the win-win outcome – 21:10 How do we use empathy to get the other person’s perspective and come up with a deal that sa

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