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Interview with Francesco Perratone from Degenerate Polygons



I have been aware of Degenerate Polygons and their Initiative Tracking Tower for a while. They were kind enough to send me one fully printed and painted, and it looks totally amazing. I invited Francesco to come to the podcast so I could find out more about the reasons behind this crowdfunding, going professional and generally what plans they have for Degenerate Polygons. He did not disappoint! Find a transcript of this podcast in our KoFi page: https://ko-fi.com/gmsmagazine You can find their project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/degeneratepolygons/the-initiative-towers And find out about there company here: https://degeneratepolygons.com/ The amazing crew of people behind Degenerate Polygons: Chiara: social (instagram.com/eris.in.boardg…) Francesco: project head (degeneratepolygons.com) Leonardo: sound (youtube.com/user/leocerall…) Logan: writing Luca: graphics (instagram.com/onemonkeytwobr…) Marco: graphics Mattia: code This podcast is made for people like you. Thank you for being there. Welco