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Mar 12: Russia and space cooperation, the UN plastic treaty, ancient 10-legged octopus, medical alarm sounds and the price of fear for prey animals.



Will cooperation in space with Russia survive war in Ukraine? For more than half a century, through international conflict and political turmoil, the west has cooperated on a wide range of activities in space with the Soviets and then the Russians, culminating in the International Space Station. We speak with Mac Evans, former head of the Canadian Space Agency about why the war in the Ukraine runs the risk of ending that long collaboration. What will the new UN treaty to control plastic pollution need to achieve? On March 2, at a meeting of the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi the world’s nations agreed to negotiate a global agreement to control plastic pollution. We speak to Max Liboiron, a plastics pollution researcher at Memorial University of Newfoundland, about how the world created its plastics problem, and Tony Walker, who studies plastics pollution at Dalhousie University, on what he hopes the treaty will accomplish. The oldest octopus ancestor ever found had ten arms. Christopher