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Feb 26 - A Quirks & Quarks special: Feeding The Future - How we can feed 10 billion people without killing the planet



By many estimates we’re going to have 10 billion people on the planet by the year 2050. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. As it is, we have a hard time feeding the world’s current population. Many experts say that our food systems are at a breaking point, and that the way we eat - and what we eat - has to change. But there are solutions. This week, on a special edition of Quirks & Quarks, we’ll unpack the latest science showing what the future of food should look like. First we look at how farmers across the country are turning their fields into science experiments to help them survive climate change. Plus, we’ll look at the technologies that could help Canada grow fresh produce all year long. Then we look at sustainable food systems that curb waste, and how people are growing food where it was never thought possible - in concrete jungles and remote northern villages. Finally, we’re looking at the future of protein, from lab-made meat, to milk from a microbrewery, which can all be made without ever touc