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Should real-life religion be used in games?



With the successful crowdfunding of The Adventurer’s Guide to the Bible and some of the criticism it has received, Chris and I decided it would be a great idea to record an episode about real life religion in games. What could go wrong, right? This podcast is made for people like you. Thank you for being there. Welcome to the GMS Podcast episode 437 a podcast about the people who make and the people who play tabletop board games and roleplaying games. If you would like to participate or sponsor this podcast, or if you would like to send us your questions or comments, get in touch. You can email me on podcast@gmsmagazine.com or find me in Twitter as @gmsmagazine. and Chris is @diasexmachina And please, leave a review about the podcast in whatever platform you listen. It really helps a lot and it means even more to me. Thank you. Thank you for listening. It truly is wonderful to have you there and genuinely appreciated. The GMS Magazine Podcast is produced by Paco Garcia with assistance from Chris Dias an