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RP Haven: how to build the best RPG club



In this episode I talk with the people behind the RP Haven about how to build the best RPG club ever. RP Haven was born over 10 years ago when a bunch of friends decided that they liked spreading the word of RPGs around. They started gathering at public venues and inviting new people. Then they started to share what they had learned and started to grow. Now they have over 600 members and some of the best ideas you can think of. If you are interested in helping the hobby grow, Garry Harper and David Coulter have some advice worth listening to. You can find a transcript of this podcast for free on our Ko-fi page. This podcast is made for people like you. Thank you for being there. Welcome to the GMS Podcast episode 436 a podcast about the people who make and the people who play tabletop board games and roleplaying games. If you would like to participate or sponsor this podcast, or if you would like to send us your questions or comments, get in touch. You can email me on podcast@gmsmagazine.com or find me