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The Board Game Room: Crowdfunding tips



In this episode we talk about crowdfunding and how to organise your campaign, especially if you want to use an alternative to Kickstarter! This podcast is made for people like you. Thank you for being there. Welcome to the GMS Podcast episode 433 a podcast about the people who make and the people who play tabletop board games and roleplaying games. I am Paco García, your host and I am joined by Chris Dias and Barney from Trickster’s Net and the podcast Loco Ludus to talk about crowdfunding and how to tackle a project.   If you would like to participate or sponsor this podcast, or if you would like to send us your questions or comments, get in touch. You can email me on podcast@gmsmagazine.com or find me in Twitter as @gmsmagazine. and Chris is @diasexmachina   And please, leave a review about the podcast in whatever platform you listen. It really helps a lot and it means even more to me. Thank you.   Thank you for listening. It truly is wonderful to have you there and genuinely appreciated. The GMS Ma