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The Interview Room: Jacky Leung, bringing Asian Own Voices stories into tabletop spaces.



In this episode I am joined by Jacky Leung, from Unbreakable Publishers. Jacky is a Chinese American tabletop RPG writer and designer. He is also the Lead Creative Director for Unbreakable Publishers (@unbreakble_pub on Twitter), a platform bringing Asian Own Voices stories into tabletop spaces. Unbreakable Publishers plans to release four new anthologies featuring Asian contributors across 2021, showcasing indie RPGs and D&D 5e. He has appeared in several publications, including Paizo's Lost Omens: Gods and Magic, the Uncaged Anthology, and more. You can also find Jacky on Asian Represent's Asian Reads live on Twitch (twitch.tv/aznrep) on the first Saturday of every month as the crew reads through AD&D's Kara-Tur: the Eastern Realms at 12 PM EST and on All Nerds Here (https://twitch.tv/allnerdshere) on Sundays at 3 PM EST playing tabletop RPGs. You can also find out more about Jacky here: https://startplaying.games/blog/team/jacky-leung This podcast is made for people like you. Thank you for being