Troilus and Cressida is Shakespeares problem play about the Trojan War. As the opening Chorus tells us, the play begins in the middle of the epic conflict, and counterpoints the drama of battle with the romance of the title characters. Just as Agamemnon and his Greek forces (particularly the smooth-tongued Ulysses) attempt to woo the invincible Achilles to resume fighting on their side, the Trojan go-between Pandarus tries to bring together Troilus, a son of King Priam, with his niece, the lovely Cressida. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)Cast:Achilles: John FrickerAeneas: David RichardsonAgamemnon: Lars RolanderAjax: Arielle LipshawAlexander: David LawrenceAndromache: Amy GramourBoy: Arielle LipshawCalchas: Algy PugCassandra: Nadine Eckert-BouletChorus: Algy PugCressida: Elizabeth KlettDeiphobus: Ted GarvinDiomedes: Peter BishopHector: David GoldfarbHelen: Elizabeth BarrHelenus: Elizabeth KlettMenelaus: Tom CrawfordNestor: Andy MinterPandarus: Ted GarvinParis: Matthew ReecePatroclus: Timothy FergusonPriam: Ric FServant/Myrmidons: Chris DonnellyThersites: Algy PugTroilus: mbUlysses: Bruce PirieNarrator: Elizabeth KlettAudio edited by: Elizabeth Klett