Cymbeline by SHAKESPEARE, William

Act 5



Cymbeline is one of Shakespeares late romances, which (like The Tempest and The Winters Tale) combines comedy and tragedy. Imogen, the daughter of King Cymbeline of Britain, angers her father when she marries Posthumus, a worthy but penniless gentleman. The King banishes Posthumus, who goes to Rome, where he falls prey to the machinations of Iachimo, who tries to convince him that Imogen will be unfaithful. Meanwhile, the Queen (Imogens stepmother) plots against her stepdaughter by trying to plan a match between Imogen and her worthless son Cloten. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast:Arviragus: om123Attendant and First Gaoler: Bill MosleyBelarius: Algy PugCaius Lucius: Mark F. SmithCloten: mbCornelius: Amy GramourCymbeline: Bruce PirieFirst British Captain and Messenger: Elizabeth KlettFirst Brother: John FrickerFirst Gentleman and First Senator: Algy PugFirst Lady: rashadaFirst Lord: rfFirst Tribune and Roman Captain: Bill MosleyFrenchman and Soothsayer: Timothy FergusonGuiderius: Denny SayersIachimo: John FrickerImogen: Elizabeth KlettJupiter: Elizabeth KlettMother: SweetlilbirdyPhilario: RakenPisanio: Matthew ReecePosthumus Leonatus: David GoldfarbQueen: Arielle LipshawSecond British Captain, Second Gentleman, and Second Senator: John FrickerSecond Brother, Second Lord, and Second Gaoler: Arielle LipshawSicilius Leonatus: Jason BortlesNarrator: David LawrenceAudio edited by: mb