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New Figure Announcements And Lack Of Paint On Black Series Figures



This episode features a round-up of news from the past few days including the Black Series George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise and the Artillery Stormtrooper, along with some thoughts about the lack of painted details on the latest wave of Black Series 6" figures. Tune in, listen now and subscribe on your favorite podcast app! Figure Pre-Order List Get The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book Figure entry: TBS Han Solo (photo real update) Figure entry: TBS Aurra Sing Figure entry: TBS Lando General Figure entry: TBS Q9-0 Figure entry: K-2SO TBS Artillery Stormtrooper Press Photos TBS Uncle George Press Photos Galactic Figures on Facebook Galactic Figures Community group (buy/sell/trade/discuss) Galactic Figures on Instagram Galactic Figures on YouTube