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[EP.109] Mistborn Book 3: The Hero of Ages By Brandon Sanderson Part 2



Hello all! This is our final discussion on the Mistborn series era one, book 3, The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson. We still apologize as the audio is still from the old setup (pre-recorded) and about the same as the previous part. It's not the best, but please enjoy it anyway. We talk about Vin, Marsh, what could be next for the world, the missing metals and so much more. We look forward to the next era in the Mistborn realm. Enjoy part one of this 2 part discussion!   Fantasy and sci-fi literature book club discussion podcast often reading Brandon Sanderson and the Cosmere, Brent Weeks, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, and many more. Please enjoy, or at least laugh! Literature discussion done right! We, the Shoutouts, from Lyket Entertainment, have a book club discussion on our favorite fantasy and sci-fi literature with our choice wine, beer, ale, and rum.    Find us at Facebook: @LitLiterature1 Twitter: @LitLiterature1 Instagram: @LitLiterature1 Soundcloud: @LitLiterat