Jbt - Jedi Business Talk

R6-W1CH, X-Wing Packaging, ECCC, TRU Is Back, Galactic Starcruiser, Bad Batch, No Plastics



This episode of JBT features the Disney exclusive Halloween droid for 2021, the Vintage Collection packaging for the Target exclusive X-Wing Fighter, a website update, Hasbro phasing out plastics, TRU partnering with Macy's, ECCC health and safety guidelines, the Galactic Starcruiser, some thoughts about the first season of the Bad Batch and a non-figure Star Wars news update.  Check out new Star Wars at Entertainment Earth (sponsored) Halloween Droid 2021 Hasbro Phasing Out Plastics TRU partnering with Macy's ECCC Health And Safety Guidelines Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book Galactic Starcruiser Video TBS Flametrooper TVC Purge Trooper TVC Heavy Battle Droid TVC Scout Trooper TVC Shadow Stormtrooper ToyBox Wrecker Diamond Select Darth Maul Diamond Select Boba Fett