Smith Castle

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Hey guys I thought it would be a good idea to upload something while I (Gio) am in rehab for substance abuse and Nick is out there charming his way into becoming America's sweetheart. We'll be going on a hiatus for a bit (but we'll be back soon!) On October 6th, 2012 our premium Soundcloud account that was bestowed upon us by the people at Soundcloud (free of charge none the less) will be expiring. Unfortunately Nick and I cannot afford to pay for an actual membership because we are currently being financially raped by our own vices (trading cards and stupid shit, respectively) so after the date I previously mentioned you will no longer be able to find us on Soundcloud (or Stitcher or iTunes) until further notice. We will be working hard to find a new home for Smithcastle (most likely the website that I SWEAR WE'RE GONNA UPDATE SOON) but in the meantime if you want to revisit some of the older podcasts or listen to all of them later on then I'd recommend downloading them now. Now onto this podcast... Thi