Data is the first line of defense



Years from now, when we look back at this pandemic, what data will have been the most critical? While we normally talk about data in the context of financial services, and the importance of data and technologies like artificial intelligence to assist our ability to deliver a more inclusive future, the data we will remember from this moment of time is health data related to Corona-19 and the lives impacted by each number this data represents.    In this episode of our #OneVision podcast, Theodora and Bradley talk to Susan Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder of HealthTrends.AI. With an experienced background across financial services and the law, with efforts focused around financial data, identity, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies, Susan helps us navigate through the past year from the story of the data behind this virus. You’ll learn why open source and public data were the real heroes in battling this disease, and what we should all look at as the lessons and opportunities for