Saulo Oliveira Silva




Lyrics LD MTV Back at the childhood I used to draw and read “The Mocker” But how to be nostalgic If can no more see Mark Knopfler Used to jump out of the school Just to watch MTV Used to curse and break the rules Bullying that nerd Stevie There we were wasting time All days long on dungeons and dragons Playing some stupid scenes Jerking off over playboy magazines But how to not be nostalgic if some good stuff has changed The videos on television They should had stayed the same So the only thing I’m asking is to put it there again The mainstream should break free Cindy Lauper or The Police Playing on MTV Then my wife came and said Stop complaining, you sound so rude And I yelled echoing “I don’t want to get it on YouTube” Back there grandpa mocked “Isn’t he young to be singing the blues”? “This boy has been brainwashed” Grandpa, you don’t even have a clue! We could have a time machine For a moments just like that What’s the matter to play on the radio “Out of the blue and into the black”? B