Saulo Oliveira Silva

What Governs Behind Them?



You shoudn't blame me for this war Cause I voted on Al Gore At least that year I can say I tried And then the court was the one who decided There's no democracy Left or Right, you say the anarchy Could turn it bright I dreamed a dream Where we lived in a red world with equality All in common, red brick houses, in our perfect synchrony Free the working class hero man, give him the Nobel Power to the people, here and there I got some red ideas to share Thunderbirds... Thunderbirds are far to fly... You came to tell me that life is awful Too much intolerance, war and blood But you're the one who chose the fascists And you're the one who governs behind them And your thirst for blood governs behind them And your greed for greener grass, governs behind them Behind them... Behind them... Written and composed by Saulo Oliveira S. This is the first part of a political opera rock. Here the communism is praised and the fascism is rejected, a particular vision of the writer. In the second part, KKK, the upcomin