Saulo Oliveira Silva

The Ballad Of Riley And The Spokesman Of A Generation



The Ballad of Riley and the Spokesman of a generation She was hitting the score A peaceful afternoon in Ladbrook Park Then Kyle took the courage to say more “A fire will come out of our spark” He became a spokesman With the right words from his mouth And she became a lawyer A great couple without a doubt And whole thing started in a windy night And whole thing started in a windy night Then they could not expect That something could put an end in that love In a dazed and confused nigh Riley was abducted for a ship above “The aliens took my love, the aliens took my love” That’s what he started to shout at the conference No one would believe, he lost self confidence, the spokesman of a generation had lost his touch with the words of coherence Not all the lights that comes from above Descends to enlighten us That’s why I prefer the dark Without a fire and without spark Outro Now Kyle is unemployed, Hitchhiking between places, Scrounging for his meal and begging for a