Saulo Oliveira Silva

Cosmic Jive



Cosmic Jive A girl lies peacefully in the morning There’s a hell of rain outside She barely heard the cold wind calling It’s all out of her sight A boy is lost and without any map He desperately needs a wrench His car is broken and totally flat There’s a screw he needs to clench He quickly knocks at the girl's door She thought he was one of a kind “Is he that someone that I’ve been looking for? I think I will have to find” She puts the kettle on to Earl Grey He think she is divine The night is young and he could stay 'Cause now she is singing Cymbaline The street lamp goes out making Her light up a candle in time He can't stay cause his mom is waiting “I’ll have to decline” She says have a safe trip back To your distant hometown But what she says inside in fact Is “don’t leave me now” She is holding an empty heart and soul As he waves going down The loneliness like a cancer grows As the wind begins to howl A girl lies depressively in the night She wonder