Saulo Oliveira Silva

Memory Lane



Memory Lane Janet wife of Johnson James Just came ‘jingling’ his name Darling though it isn't more than just another day We are already all ready there The little daughter droped the water The bees on flowers powdering nectar While the guitar of father Hector was weeping To the despair of grandpa who couldn't smoke because his hands were shaking One of the kids finally fishes a fish And the fish's speech is that he can grant a wish To the kid who, then, put him free And now the fish will wash the dishes since kid wished And all the joy ending with some comic disaster Like the dog robing food or someone twisting the earring into aunt Loiu's braids "We will be together", so they swear But they ignored that time is always there replacing share, replacing care For disregard to that country fair... Of sweet despair And as the time is passing by just like a cloud on cloudy sky When you realise will be too late to wonder why And the polaroid pictures that you own Of passed nights i