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Ajani Charles - Mindfulness in Creativity



Ajani Charles is a photographer, director, producer, mental health advocate, and a Canon Canada ambassador based in Toronto. He’s the founder of The Visionaries — a Toronto-based photography and cinematography non-profit and educational program, providing mentoring to youth. His photographic documentary “Project T Dot” is a visual chronicle of the city’s hip-hop culture. Ajani’s clients include H&M, Universal Music Group, Bridgestone, Christian Dior, Calm, and the UFC. His work has been featured in publications such as Complex, Jay-Z’s Life + Times, and Vogue. In this episode Ajani explains what mindfulness is, the research-based science behind it, and his personal journey becoming a mental health advocate. You’ll learn about the many ways a mindfulness practice can benefit your creativity, career, relationships and life. We discuss how being a workaholic or perfectionist can actually be socially acceptable coping mechanisms for anxiety and fear. He shares his favorite apps, actions and tools that can hel