Books Closed: Tattoos And The Internet Collide, Hosted By Andrew Stortz

040: Faith (@americanflesh)



In this episode, I talk to Chicago tattoo artist, Faith (@americanflesh), about how she walked away from tattooing for over 2 years to undergo conversion therapy through a church, what it was like coming back to tattooing afterward, and her inspiration to open her new shop Wish Me Luck Tattoo.Timestamps:(00:00) Intro(00:17) Do you know Fred Durst?(02:50) Faith’s 2.5 year break from tattooing(05:23) Conversion therapy(12:32) Starting to tattoo again after being ex-communicated from the church(18:35) Inspiration to open her own tattoo studio(27:03) “Old School” reaction to using GoFundMe to initially fund a tattoo shop(36:51) Scarcity mentality in tattooing(42:22) Is a lack of openness hurting tattooing?(51:15) Setting boundaries and time management(58:27) Specializing vs. street shop tattooing(01:00:30) How much influence should we have on our customers?(01:05:28) Covering tattoos for free in certain cases(01:07:36) Hopes for 2021(01:13:32) Outro(01:15:27) Bonus post-interview clip; Is using personal identity