Katie Souza Ministries

Ep. 07 - Gain Authority Over Sickness



This week we're going to look at some of the specific assignments the spirit of Legion has against you and your family. I'm going to show you through the word that he is one of the spirits that causes bacteria, viruses, and flus to come upon us. Have you been paddling with constant sickness? Do you or your loved ones suffer from constant flu symptoms, ear infections, sinus infections, bacterial disorders, and viruses? Does your family seem to get everything that's going around these days? They could be susceptible to these sicknesses because they're dwelling among the tombs. They may have a wound in their soul that is allowing the spirit of legion to put these illnesses on them. Since I've been healed of the wounds that I have in common with legion, I have not had the flu once or been afflicted with any bacterial diseases and I used to get them all the time. You're going to love this program because you and your family are about to close the door on sickness.