Katie Souza Ministries

Ep 09 - Gain Dominion in Your Region



This week we're going to be talking about getting dominion over regions of land. How many of you have ever received a word that you were going to take your neighborhood, your city, or even your nation for Christ? How do you cultivate that kind of regional anointing? Believe it or not, you do it by getting your soul healed. When I first learned about the soul, I was touring the United States teaching that revelation and every time I went to a new state or location, I would get sick. Pretty Soon God showed me that I had wounds in my soul that were in common with the regions of land I was ministering in. As I got those wounds healed, my regional anointing began to increase and I stopped getting sick. Then I started seeing more miracles happening in my meetings. Many of you have been called to start a healing ministry inside your church or, or take the drug-infested neighborhood of your city or to preach the gospel around your country or even around the world. Let me tell you the key to success in this pursuit. I