Katie Souza Ministries

Ep 11 - Offense Hinders The Holy Spirit (part 2 of 4)



This week we're going to continue our study on offense. This may seem like a message you've heard before, but trust me, you haven't not like this. We all know that offense is a sin, but did you realize that it can wound your soul then make you sick? You could be battling with illness, disease, bacteria, flu symptoms, and it could be because you've let yourself get offended. I was offended at everything and everyone when I started to notice that every time I would get offended, suddenly I would get sick. This was a pattern I went through over and over again until I finally figured it out. The Holy Spirit showed me the connection between being offended and getting physically ill. Once I repented for my offense and I put the Dunamis power of Jesus on the wounds in my soul that came from a fence, I would get healed of whatever illness I had at the time. Now I keep myself, I'm offendable on purpose and it's enabled me to have dominion over all kinds of diseases and disorders. I want you to get ready cause today yo