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Daniel J. Gregory - Seeing Collective Presence



Daniel J. Gregory is a fine art photographer, mentor, and photo educator. He teaches fine art printing, color concepts and theory, portfolio creation, Photoshop, Lightroom, and a variety of analog photography courses. Daniel has always been interested in how photography helps us see, listen, and experience the world. His work explores the importance of developing meaningful connections to a place, person, or environment. With over 300 episodes, Daniel is the host of the Perceptive Photographer podcast that focuses on the creative aspect and internal struggles photographers face creating meaningful work.In this episode Daniel shares the elements of making meaningful work - voice, vision, signature and style. You'll find out how and why creativity is at the core of everything Daniel spends his time doing. We discuss the difference between living a life of photography and living as a photographer. We explore Dorthea Lange's wise words, "the camera teaches me to see" and how large format, alternative processes, a