Books Closed: Tattoos And The Internet Collide, Hosted By Andrew Stortz

011: Tim Lehi & Cheyenne Sawyer



Tattoo artist Tim Lehi (@timlehi) talks about why he is moving from the west coast to a small town in Vermont, then tattooer Cheyenne Sawyer (@cheyennesawyer) sits down to discuss motivation from coworkers, keeping up with the younger generation, and if any of it really matters. Follow Tim: @timlehi Follow Cheyenne: @cheyennesawyer This episode was recorded in Portland, Oregon. BOOKS CLOSED is hosted by Andrew Stortz (@andrewstortz) Books Closed Voicemail Line: (857)444-0662 The full VIDEO version of this episode can be viewed on YOUTUBE THIS EPISODE'S SPONSORS: LITTLE BLACK BOOK CO Go straight to the source with a selection of vintage illustrated used books. Scrolling down their instagram page @little_black_book_co will show you why their motto is “books before google.” You won’t find books of tattoo flash here, but you will find the FUEL for your own art. Pretend you are more clever than you actually are, with the right reference materials. MINDZAI CREATIVE The tattoo industry’s