Let's talk about apprenticeships with Tim Hendricks. We respond to an article about a tattooer from Dallas, TX who is developing a program to teach arts high school students about tattooing as a part of their school curriculum.Then we hear from Olivia Britz-Wheat, a tattooer from Portland, OR, and a part of the organization, "Reform Oregon Tattooing," about what a real-world example of structured tattoo school looks like.BOOKS CLOSED is hosted by Andrew StortzMusic by SAKURA @sakura.beatzBooks Closed Voicemail Line: (857) THIS EPISODE'S SPONSORS:TATTOO SMART@tattoosmartDigital design tools and tutorials for tattooers!Check out the Spit Shading Toolkit to give your digital art the look of classic traditional hand-painted flash!Use coupon code BOOKSCLOSED to get 15% off your order! RIVER VALLEY PRINTING CO @rivervalleyprintingcoA fine selection of high quality prints, stickers, and pins. Also offering custom printing services to tattooers and artists alike!Use coupon code BOOKSCLOS