Books Closed: Tattoos And The Internet Collide, Hosted By Andrew Stortz

032: Progressive Tattooing



Tamara Santibañez talks about what it is like to be stretched between two "worlds" within tattooing, and the weight of tattoos on those who get them and those who do them.Tamara's Informed Consent and Trauma-Aware Tattooing brochure can be found here.Doreen Garner shares what drew her to tattooing, and the positive effect that increasing diversity can have on the industry.You can get tattooed by Tamara and Doreen at Saved Tattoo in NYC.BOOKS CLOSED is hosted by Andrew StortzMusic by SAKURA @sakura.beatzBooks Closed Voicemail Line: (857) THIS EPISODE'S SPONSORS:ETERNAL INK ( coupon code BOOKSCLOSED to get 20% off your order of Eternal Inks!TATTOO SMART@tattoosmartDigital design tools and tutorials for tattooers!Check out the Spit Shading Toolkit to give your digital art the look of classic traditional hand-painted flash!Use coupon code BOOKSCLOSED to get 15% off your order!