Books Closed: Tattoos And The Internet Collide, Hosted By Andrew Stortz

033: Extracurricular Tattooing



I talked to Alex Kass and Zac Scheinbaum, a couple tattooers who pursue tattoo related projects in addition to their day to day work. Alex runs the instagram page @tattoogear4sale, which has become the top place to buy, sell and trade (yes, you guessed it) tattoo gear. We talked about how he started the page, and some of the challenges that come with keeping it running. Zac created Afterlife Press, an independent publishing company that has put out two amazing books focusing on some of the greatest and most prolific tattooers of our time. We talked about his approach and why he is so interested in presenting a closer look at these tattooers. Alex Kass tattoos at Electric Panther Tattoo in San Antonio, TX.@alexkass_ep @tattoogear4sale Zac Scheinbaum tattoos at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco, CA.@zacscheinbaum @afterlifepressBOOKS CLOSED is hosted by Andrew StortzMusic by SAKURA @sakura.beatzBooks Closed Voicemail Line: (857)444-0662booksclosedpodcast.comTHIS EPISODE'S SPONSORS:ETERNAL INK (eternaltattoosu