Jaimes Curved Cube Continues

A Trip Down Memory Lane to My Horse Radio Network Training



And, now, it's time to come with me on a second trip down memory lane--this time to September of 2017 when I had just been hired by Glenn and Jenn at Horse Radio Network. In these early Anchor app recordings, I chronicled my first time ever heading up to Camp HRN in Ocala for production training. While up there, I took in the enchanting silence and fresh air of Florida's great outdoors and got to play with their horses. And, if you weren't along the first time, you'll never believe the reason I had to cut my trip short and rush back home to my son, Jordon. Let's just say, I ended up spending my birthday... with my ex... in a cave. BUT, at least I left Ocala with a new boyfriend--a special pony named, Scooter. Come along! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jaime-legagneur/support