Guidelines With Jonathan Copeland

Inclusivity in design with Gomolemo Segabutle



On this episode of Guidelines I sit down with UX designer Gomolemo Segabutle. Having studied a bachelor’s degree in financial management sciences, followed by a time working in and learning about user experience design in both a Western and African context, Gomolemo has a unique perspective on inclusivity in design. We met-up at his home in Pretoria and spoke about his personal journey from studying finances to working in UX, as well as, how to best advocate for the user in a business context and his thoughts on building South Africa’s user centred design community _______________________________ Gomolemo’s Bio: Pretoria, South Africa - The start of my story. "Ubuntu"- I am because we are shaped my thinking from a young age. I studied financial management , started a tutoring business, worked in a private hospital, coached rugby and mentor people all to enhance peoples life experiences. UX design affords me the opportunity to have an impact on society while engaging both the analytical and creative sides