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Measuring quality of experience with Jacques Brosens



On this episode of Guidelines I sit down with UX researcher as well as co-founder and director of Monkey and river, Jacques Brosens. With experience ranging from software development, to business and user research backed by academia, Jacque has valuable insights on on what it looks like to apply user cerated design at every stage of a products lifecycle. We met-up at his office at the University of Pretoria, and spoke about his journey from studying software development to learning about and then researching user centred design. Our conversation covers the outcome of his masters research, approaching user centred design as a process instead of just a deliverable. _________________ Jacques Bio: Jacques Brosens is 50% academic researcher, 50% entrepreneur and 100% passionate about finding ways to use technology to solve problems in society and business and about making sure that the benefits of technology are attained by all people and not just a select few. He is a lecturer in the Department of Informati