Lead, Learn, Grow Podcast

Episode 1 - Lead: Scott Pryzystas



Scott Pryzystas is the guest on Lead, Learn, Grow Episode 1. He shares his experiences serving as a dynamic teacher-leader and that technology is an important part of a successful PE classroom. Find Scott on Twitter @CoachPTown Read more about Scott: Scott Pryzystas has been teaching in Grand Haven Area Public Schools for 10 years. He has taught Young 5s-12th grade throughout the district in various buildings in various classes such as Physical Education, Adapted PE, Triathlon Training, and Weight Training. He also coaches high school cross country, junior varsity basketball and middle school track. Scott is a member of the Michigan Governor's Council of Fitness, Health and Sport and has served on several committees with Michigan High School Athletic Association. He has also served on SHAPE Michigan's Board of Directors for the last five years. Scott resides in Grand Haven, Michigan with his wife Renee, and two sons, Calyx and Krew.