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Episode 2 - Learn: Bill Albrecht



Episode 2: Learn - Bill Albrecht Bill is the guest on Lead, Learn, Grow Episode 2.  He shares how learning something new every day supports his practice serving as a principal in his first year in a K-4th grade building. He also shares why culture is important to his relationship with staff, students, and parents. Find Bill on Twitter @MisterAlbrecht Read more about Bill:  Bill Albrecht is the lead-learner and principal in a K-4 elementary school. Previously he was an assistant principal at a 4th - 8th grade middle school. He is a former 1st grade teacher who has experiences serving as a special education teacher, behavior interventionist, and a dean of students. Bill is also a former high school football coach and seasoned baseball umpire. He loves to read, train dogs, coach and play sports. Bill is an aspiring doctoral student.