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Episode 3 - Grow: Lissa Brunan



Episode 3 - Grow: Lissa Brunan Lissa Brunan is the guest on Lead, Learn, Grow Episode 3. She shares her desire to keep growing as a learner, the importance of keeping your passion as a teacher, and her expertise teaching teachers how educational technology can support their classroom practices. Find Lissa on Twitter @LissaBrunan Read more about Lissa: Lissa Brunan is the owner and Chief Engagement Officer for Engaging TECHniques, an Ed Tech consulting company. She's a former MS Math teacher who transitioned to the world of professional development a little over a decade ago. Along with being a Google Certified Trainer, she has certifications from six additional ed tech companies. Her mission is to help educators improve instruction by integrating quality educational technology that can increase student engagement and learning.