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(#4) The DIFFERENCE between being "happy" and being "fulfilled". Don't get fooled by emotions that are temporary.



Are you chasing fulfillment or happiness in your life? Happiness is a conditional and fleeting emotion. Meaning that we do not always experience it. Things, like buying yourself a new car, passing an exam you studied your booty off for, or finally attending that festival you've been dying to go to. As exciting and blissful as it is.. happiness is also temporary. But fulfillment is when you contribute to the world by using the unique gifts that were given to you.. like your way of speaking to people, your passion, creativity, sense of humor, ect.. when you use these things to help other humans in this world? ... that feeling is infinite and never goes away. In this episode, I explain to you the difference between these two emotions and why it's SO important to check yourself and ask which emotions you find yourself experiencing the most on a day to day basis. It's okay to want both of these feelings in your life, we all want to experience more joy, happiness, and fulfillment. So if you want to increase your ha