Gigs, Guitars And Gender

Episode Five: Columbus



Gigs, Guitars and Gender is a podcast that aims to explore the role gender plays in five music scenes across the United States Midwest. Host Abby Jeffers travels to Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Columbus to talk to musicians in each city about their experiences with gender. This episode is set in the music scene in Columbus, Ohio, and this time, Abby met with Felix and Dylan from Queer Kevin to chat about DIY and tokenism, Markise of Kali Dreamer to talk about performance and the hip-hop scene and Tatum of TTUM to hear about house shows, performance and how allies can help trans and queer musicians be recognized. Queer Kevin Song used: burn all cis men Twitter Instagram Facebook Kali Dreamer Song used: Kali’s Dream Land Instagram Facebook TTUM Song used: SO LONG (Demo) Facebook Instagram Thank you to Ohio University and the Cutler Scholars Program for helping provide the funds to make this project possible. Support Gigs, Guitars and Gender by donating to the tip jar: https: