Gigs, Guitars And Gender

Episode Six: The Finale



Gigs, Guitars and Gender is a podcast that aims to explore the role gender plays in five music scenes across the United States Midwest. In the first five episodes, host Abby Jeffers traveled to Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Columbus to talk to musicians in each city about their experiences with gender. This final episode summarizes the entire podcast project thus far. There’s a bit of clarification at the start to explain some vocabulary and concepts that appeared during the series, and then Jeffers compiles three main themes that popped up throughout each episode: tokenism, DIY and performance. There is still much work to be done on the issues of exclusion, tokenism, hypersexualization and discrimination of non-cis men in music. How do we work toward diversity and equality in the music scene? How do we build safe spaces for everyone? This is only the beginning to a much larger discussion – feel free to join the conversation in the comments, by leaving feedback or by tagging Indientry