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The Joys and Challenges of Co-Leading an Intercity Church (S2 Ep2)



In this episode, Bishop Tim Dailey interviews Pastors Aaron Dailey and Wayne Wynter on the blessings and challenges of co-leading an intercity church. These two men share the role of Lead Pastor of Redemption Church Alhambra in Phoenix, Arizona. They come from different ethnic backgrounds, social economic backgrounds, and religious upbringing. They are an unlikely pair that are committed to living out the truth of the Gospel in a world where there is so much tension, uneasiness, and all sorts of issues that are dividing our communities. Aaron and Wayne are committed to loving and living the truth of God's Word in a very missional way. You will be incredibly blessed, encouraged, and challenged by what these men have to share.  Listen to this episode of Leadership Stuff and share it with your friends.  If you want to support this minister, please leave us a five-star rating - it will help us continue to expand our reach. Sponsorship:  LCMI and Journey Coffee have partnered together to plan