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Encouragement for Insecure and Fearful Leaders



In this episode, Bishop Tim Dailey looks at the first chapter of the Old Testament book of Joshua.  We will see from this study how God prepared Joshua to step into his new role as leader of the nation of Israel. He was going to be following in the footsteps of the one and only Moses. Imagine the insecurities and fears that gripped his heart as he came face-to-face with the responsibilities before him. In this passage of Scripture, we will see how God takes this opportunity to encourage him and reassure him of His calling upon him, His presence with him, and His promised power that would be with him as he embraced the huge task before him. The Lord reminds him that he is not to be afraid, and that he must take courage as he leads the people into their promised inheritance. If he would obey Him and walk according to His commandments, God would use him as he had done with Moses.  There is great encouragement in this episode for all leaders. We will be reminded that when God calls us to a particular task, He wil