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(#6) But should we really be blaming Mercury Retrograde for our actions?



You may have heard a friend or co-worker say, "Oh poo - Mercury is about to retrograde again!" If you don't know anything about astrology, you may be a little confused as to what the heck they are talking about.  This crazy phenomenon is one of the few that actually affects everyone in a pretty uniform way and its effects on all of us are very obvious. Mercury retrogrades about three to four times a year, for two to three weeks at a time. During these times we all experience problems arising in different areas, affecting some more than others. Problems with communication, travel, shipping, transportation, formal agreements, ect.. are all typical during this time. And even though we are experiencing these emotions, arguments, and events that are not so pleasant... should we really be blaming our reactions and emotions on this phenomenon?  Or should we really be taking responsibility for our own actions? - because your ego loves attachment. It loves to justify and give excuses for your bad actions and habits, a