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A Heart-to-Heart Discussion With Pastor Allan Dytianquin (Pt. 2)



                                  Discipleship (Part 2)                        Obeying the Great Commission     This episode of “Leadership Stuff”is part two of a two-part conversation with Pastor Allan Dytianquin. Pastor Allan is the Senior Pastor and cofounder of Life Connection Church Kuwait, and he is the Vice President of Life Connection Ministry International. Bishop Tim Dailey and Pastor Allan Dytianquin have served side-by-side for the last thirteen years. They have been used by God to build a large multi congregational church in Kuwait, Philippians, India, Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world. They have also established a growing network of Churches united around the same vision and strategy for advancing God’s Kingdom.    They will be discussing the subject of discipleship. This is the heart and the foundation of their ministry. In this episode they will look at  “The Cost of Discipleship,”and “How to Be a Fruitful Disciple.” Featured Links: Life Connection Church Kuwait This episode is brou