Kevin Mcdonald's Kevin Mcdonald Show

Dave Foley, Michael Showalter, and John Roderick (The Long Winters)



Live from the 16th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest! Kevin welcomes his oldest and bestest friend Dave Foley (The Kids in the Hall) onto the show to perform a brand new sketch with a soon-to-be classic character (11:15) and participate in a rousing, impromptu audience Q&A session (17:25) that's chock full of so many off-the-record Kids in the Hall anecdotes you'd swear it was illegal. Fellow 90s sketch comedy alum Michael Showalter (The State, Stella) plays the venerable role of The Announcer. And musical guests John Roderick (46:55) and Craig Northey (3:20) provide the actual talent in the form of some beautiful music. Also John Roderick explains what an Alaskan sluice box mucker is (52:30). Recorded live at Piano Fight Bar in San Francisco.