Kevin Mcdonald's Kevin Mcdonald Show

Scott Thompson, Dana Gould, and Gin Blossoms



Kevin is joined by fellow Kid In The Hall and best bud, Scott Thompson, and dear friend Dana Gould for a night of comedy, music, and cat euthanasia stories! After a sarcastic and haughty introduction from Dana (1:36), Kevin describes life as a "fake daddy" (4:52) living in Winnipeg. He then sings an emotional song about being in "Not-LA" alongside Jesse Valenzuela & Scott Hessel from Gin Blossoms (10:43). Scott and fellow comedian Phil Casale join Kevin onstage for a brand new sketch involving cocky bastards, cubicles, and floaty boats (16:24). Scott then tells an unforgettable story about putting down his cat, Uday Hussein (24:06). Finally, Jesse & Scott close out the show with two beautiful songs (50:19). This episode of "Kevin McDonald's Kevin McDonald Show" was recorded live at The NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles.